Want To Get Your Post-Pregnancy Belly Button Innie? Learn About Belly Button Outie Surgery

Everybody in their lifetime must have wondered whether their belly buttons are innie or outie. Many individual don’t see it as a problem if their naval is out and consider it as an abdominal scar. However, it’s not the case for everyone. Some people with outie belly button see it as an unpleasant sight or are not satisfied with it. But some people can develop outie during their changing phase of body, such as secondary growth or pregnancy. Outie is when your belly button is convex. During the first trimester of pregnancy, you may not notice it. But after the third trimester, the innie belly button may become an outie. If you don’t want it as a lasting change, you can consider belly button outie surgery. This is quite a straightforward and quick procedure that requires minimal recovery. Read on to know why you may need this surgery and what is involved in the procedure.

What is the impact of belly button changes’ impact during pregnancy?

Many lasting changes happen to the body during pregnancy. But it’s not the case for every woman. One such change is the belly button outie. When the belly stretches to accommodate the growth of the baby, the baby will temporarily stretch out, creating the outie shape. Although, in most cases, it should get restored to the pre-pregnancy shape after some time, many new mom still don’t choose their outie. If it is not attractive, you may consider belly button outie surgery. Although the psychological strain of having an outie belly button after giving birth is sometimes overlooked, it’s critical to recognize and accept these emotions in order to increase confidence and sense of self-worth.

What involves the belly button outie surgery?

In medical language, belly button outie surgery is popularly known as umbilicoplasty. It is a cosmetic corrective procedure to reshape the belly button using surrounding tissues to turn it into innie buttons. You can have this minimally invasive surgery done by itself or in combination with other abdominal surgeries, such as a tummy tuck.

Since not every woman is suitable for belly button outie surgery, your plastic surgeon will determine whether you are a good candidate for the surgery to learn your eligibility. You should have realistic expectations from outie surgery and get a shape as per your body’s response to the surgery that matches your desired outcome. You must have a stable body weight and good general health. So, no medical condition or medicines would interfere with the procedure. 

You must have complete family planning, as any future pregnancy can undo the surgery results. The surgeon will use local anesthesia as a sedative for complex outie cases. Your surgeon will create an incision around the belly button and remove excess skin and tissue. After a natural-looking innie is produced, the naval incision will sutured off for the wound to heal. 


Consult with your surgeon to learn about the risk factors and complications associated with belly button outie surgery, so you will need minimal recovery. Your innie will appear symmetrical and natural after the surgery is done and the swelling is gone. Contact Dr. Daniel Barrett for the revolutionary result after outies surgery. 

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