What are the Advantages of the Gonstead Chiropractic Technique?

The developments in science and technology have led to advancements in our way of living. As a result, people are now moving to more natural ways to treat their diseases and discomforts, leading to a healthier lifestyle. For example, we have now adapted to doing yoga and ayurvedic treatments that are way better than running for toxic medications. Similarly, people are now opting for Chiropractic Care to treat their chronic hip, joint, and spine pains.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead, one of the most acclaimed persons in the history of chiropractic treatment, developed a new chiropractic care technique. This technique is called the Gonstead technique. His comprehensive and extensive research, with 55+ years of experience in clinical practice, paved the way for the creation of such a technique. It is a specific, targeted, and strategic way to deal with the misalignment of the spine. It is a clinically proven safe and non-invasive technique to adjust cervical alignment. This technique aims to center the vertebrae on the disc, restore the function of disturbed spinal joints, and eliminate the possibility of nerve irritation.

The advantages of approaching a Gonstead Chiropractor are as follows:

  1. Specific Treatment Plan for Accurate Adjustments- Gonstead technique follows a specific treatment plan to approach the root of your chronic pain. A Gonstead Chiropractor focuses on misalignment instead of doing general spinal manipulations. A detailed assessment of the problem is done. Then a personal treatment plan is designed depending on the assessment results. Such specifications in the treatment plan enhance the adjustments’ accuracy and speed up the healing process.
  1. Involves Specific Adjustments- In the Gonstead technique, the intervertebral disc is the primary subluxation source. Due to constant rotation and disc bending, it is prone to get damaged. Gonstead chiropractors analyzed the situation using scientific tools to clarify the problem better. Then it utilizes adjustment techniques that are specific and gentle, and safe for all ages.
  1. Analyses the Problem Thoroughly- Gonstead method allows Chiropractors to analyze the problem thoroughly. The analysis includes the entire body along with the nervous system at its core. This technique has five criteria formulated according to which the stiffness or misalignment of the spine is detected. They are:
  • Visualization – It is the process in which the chiropractors look into the changes in your body postures and movements. In this way, they can detect the changes indicative of the pain’s root cause.
  • Instrumentation  The Gonstead Chiropractors utilizes an instrument called the Nervoscope. It detects the uneven distribution of heat along the spine, which indicates nerve pressure and inflammation.
  • Static Palpation In this process, the chiropractor will feel the presence of tenderness, muscle tightness, or swelling along your spine while in a static position.
  • Motion Palpation – This process is similar to static palpation but is performed when the patient is in motion. The chiropractors feel the swelling of the muscles while bending the patient at various angles. This factor enables the chiropractor to determine whether or not the segments of your spine move quickly.
  • X-Ray Analysis Through x-ray analysis, the chiropractor can determine the individual’s posture and joint and disc integrity.

These criteria help the Gonstead chiropractor figure out the biochemical imbalance in the spine. This strategy helps to make correct and accurate spine adjustments to relieve the patient’s chronic pain in the hip, joint, and back.

  1. It is a Non-Invasive Technique- Most people fear treating injuries and pain through medications, drugs, and surgeries. The Gonstead Chiropractic technique is a natural way to treat your discomforts. It does not require any intake of pharmaceutical products or skin breaking. This method utilizes natural techniques, manual adjustments, therapies, and stretching exercises that cure your pain without any pain.
  1. Better Sleep Schedule- Recent years have put more pressure on individuals to perform their best in all aspects of life. This factor involves stress which in turn paves the way to many problems like aches in the lower back, headaches, etc. Plus, sitting for long hours in front of computers leads to poor posture and a misaligned spine. All these can induce discomfort and thus disturb sleeping schedules. The Gonstead technique pinpoints the exact problem and eliminates the cause. Thus, you can get proper sleep so that you can perform to your fullest every day.


The Gonstead Chiropractors are masters in their job and efficiently relieve your pains naturally. However, it requires tremendous practice to master the technique of delivering such manual adjustments. Thus, if you are suffering from chronic pain in any part of your body for an extended period, it is time that you visit a Gonstead Chiropractor. Benefit from an advanced approach to correct subluxation in the spine and provide speedy relief.

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