History of hemp cultivation- Know It From The Hemp Website

It is one of the earliest plants that were cultivated. An archaeological site in Japan proves that cannabis cultivation started about 8000 BC. Hemp is legalized in more than 30 nations, including Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, which have been the topmost producers currently. Legalized hemp is now a primary source of consumer products worldwide. The hemp website is there to give you more information about this.

Hemp oil

There are different types of hemp oils according to their root of extraction and component of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

1) Hemp oil- It is taken out of the stalk of the hemp plant.

2) Hemp seed oil – It is extracted from hemp seeds for its healthy fatty acid profile. It contains minimal THC or CBD.

3) CBD oil – It is extracted from the whole plant and sometimes even with the flowering portion. But, in the areas where the Cannabis Sativa plant is illegal, it is extracted from the stalk of the plant.

4) Cannabis oil – It has both THC and CBD in varying proportions of concentrations with a higher amount of THC, which is problematic as it results in psychoactive effects.

Helps with anxiety, pain, and sleep – Stress and anxiety are prevalent problems in today’s world population. A lot of people face these problems, and sometimes it gets unbearable to deal with them.

Is hemp oil good for pain? A study shows that the use of hemp oil is proven to be helpful during stress, anxiety, pain, sleep, and other issues. It is advisable to take the dose of hemp oil once a day in the morning. But, the dosage for such use is noted by the doctors carefully and increased slowly as per requirement, if needed. Even an oral spray called ‘Sativex’ has also been created, which is a combination of CBD and THC, to relieve the pain related to multiple sclerosis.

It supports our immune system –

Some people have weak immunity. They get caught by diseases and get sick really fast. The immune system is a very vital part of our body. If it isn’t strong, we might fall ill on a regular basis. That is why the essential fatty acids present in hemp seed oil have proven to promote healthy flora in the intestines. It supports immune system responses and functions too. It is handy during the cold and flu season as the viruses are spread everywhere.

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