Soberlink’s remarkable remote alcohol monitoring findings


A new product from Soberlink, the market leader in remote alcohol monitoring, uses data analysis to deliver results for the first time. Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting function will make it much easier for people who get Soberlink’s test results to understand them. With Soberlink’s new Advanced Reporting, the reporting process is streamlined while also being more user-friendly.

In 2011, Soberlink Monitoring created an improved remote alcohol monitoring system that gives rapid results and statistics using a professional-grade breathalyzer, facial recognition, and a wireless connection. The company’s new intelligent reporting feature keeps it at the forefront of the market when it comes to developing first-to-market products.

For a long time, alcohol monitoring devices didn’t concentrate much emphasis on making results easy to grasp for the people who used them. A month’s worth of data could only be seen by a select set of people, such as those in addiction recovery programmes, workplace compliance specialists, and the parties involved in family court cases.

  1. Advanced Reporting makes it simple to go through years of data on one or more monitored consumers. Tasks that once took hours may now be completed in minutes thanks to the invention of automated systems.
  2. Advanced Reporting increases kid safety by providing clear data and alerts that allow for quick action if necessary. The easy-to-read reports further reduce litigation for attorneys and judges who need to analyze and assess the monitored client’s outcomes.
  3. In terms of reporting, Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting is now the most sophisticated and user-friendly in the world.
  4. Green, Yellow, and Red color-coded test icons make it simple to see the results.
  5. One of the following conclusions can be provided in the results summary: True, False, or Not Accomplished
  6. For daily, weekly, and monthly reporting intervals, on-demand reporting is available
  7. All of your testing history is available on a single page.
  8. Each report concludes with a summary of the test results.

Advanced Reporting supports Soberlink’s mission to promote personal responsibility for sobriety, the protection of children, and long-term recovery by becoming the most intelligent and convenient remote alcohol monitoring technology company.

One method that Soberlink encourages people to take responsibility for their sobriety is through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Face recognition, tamper detection, and real-time results are all included in the small form and cutting-edge technology, which combines a professional breathalyzer with a wireless connection. Soberlink is a go-to resource when it comes to substance abuse treatment, workplace compliance, and family law. An accurate and dependable method of verifying one’s sobriety and gaining confidence in one’s own recovery is provided by Soberlink. Soberlink reviews may be found here if you’d want to see what other people have to say about the service.

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