Why Should You Add up Face Serum to Your Skincare Routine?

Every skincare products  that you use has a purpose, including a serum. In all uprightness, a serum a day can keeps any other heavier products at a bay. Face serums are made up of powerful active ingredients that promptly nourish your skin and deal with your woes.  You should try out face serums for your face. You can choose Neostrata for the best results. Anyhow, if you want to walk through some of the points to get convinced to introduce face serums to your routine then keep on reading.

Absorbs right away

Due to the light consistency of any good quality face serum, the lotion-like texture absorbs quite quickly into your skin. The formula is most of the times lighter than a moisturiser or oil, and hence is ideal for layering on first. So, you can be sure that the moment you put serum to your face, it absorbs soon.

Your skin texture becomes better

The potent active ingredients that is there in the serum improve your skin texture. You are going to find and experience that your skin appears to be plumper, firmer, and even smoother inside a couple of uses of your face serum.

It Soothes your beloved skin

In case you have actually got sensitive skin, serums can simply soothe and calm irritated skin. Due to its overall lightweight texture, this skincare product acts well for skin that is somewhat acne-prone or oily, as they don’t really weigh you down even more. You can be sure that your skin stays in the best health , shine and of course appearance.

Your moisturiser works better with serum

Face serums have the powerful ability to retain moisture in your skin. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid drastically moisturise the skin, at the same time strengthening your skin’s barrier. The moment you simply top off your skin serum with moisturiser, your skin is going to be in a position to lock in the hydration from it. You can be sure that your moisturiser is working even better with the help of face serum.

Diminished Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Serums that include ingredients such as retinol or even vitamin C help remove the signs of ageing, encompassing smoothening out fine lines and even wrinkles. You can be sure that your wrinkles or fine lines do not appear anymore on your face. What is the point if you are absolutely fit and smart but your wrinkles on the face are simply leaving you disappointed?

Quicker at work

Since face serums are somewhat potent and full of active ingredients, it most of the times takes less time than other products to simply show results. So when you wait months for your moisturiser to simply take action, the serum is going to do it in simply half the time. Hence you would get the results quicker!

Refines Pores

In case you have got enlarged pores, you are going to know how annoying they are to treat or even hide. Once your skin gets oily, your pores look quite larger than normal. Due to the overall lightweight texture of a serum, your pores don’t simply get oily as well as magnified. Hence this is something that minimises the appearance of your pores, making your skin appear flawless and smooth.

Guards against free radical damage

In case you are simply using a serum that contains ingredients such as vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, even Green Tea, vitamin E, know that it’s also guarding your skin barrier from free radical harm. This is most of the times caused by UV exposure and even pollution.


To sum up , check out Nicorette serums for your face and experience the best it can offer your skin. After all, by introducing this serum to your routine, you would get great results.

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